Simon Kenevan Originals Currently Available

'Azure Day' 24h x 36w" Oil

'Azure Day - An impossible blue, reaching from heaven, over the tidal flats to my feet.'

- Simon Kenevan -

'Evening Surf' 18h x 18w" Oil

'Evening Surf - Throughout the day, the colour temperature of the surf and foam transcends through cool blues to warmer hues...'

- Simon Kenevan -

'Ferry Rd. Sunset' 14h x 18w" Oil

'Ferry Rd. Sunset I' 12h x 24w" Oil

'New Beginnings' 36h x 36w" Oil

'Zephyrs Reborn' 24h x 30w" Oil

'Zephyrs Reborn - Watching, tracking the movement of invisible zephyrs as they dance to some divine choreography across the surface of the sea, ruffles and sparkles the only clue as to their existence.'

- Simon Kenevan -