Simon Kenevan Original Oils

'Sunrise 7:15' 48h x 36w" Oil

'The Light of Selene' 16h x 20w" Oil

'The Heavy Hours' 36h x 48w" Oil

'Rebirth' 18h x 36w" Oil

'Quiet Comes the Dusk' 18h x 36w" Oil

'Moonrise II' 6h x 12w" Oil

'Moonrise I' 9h x 12w" Oil

'Moonrise' 48h x 36w" Oil

'Light Show' 12h x 24w" Oil

'In Silent Ecstasy' 18h x 36w" Oil

'Glistening Blue' 12h x 16w" Oil

'First Light' 12h x 36w" Oil

'Ferry Rd. Sunset I' 12h x 24w" Oil

'Fading Light' 12h x 36w" Oil

'Day's End' 6h x 12w" Oil

'Bejeweled IV' 16h x 12w" Oil

'Being There II' 12h x 24w" Oil

'Behold the Sea' 10h x 8w" Oil

'Beguilded' 18h x 14w" Oil

'Azure Day' 24h x 36w" Oil

'Amphior & Elene' 36h x 24w" Oil

'Afterglow' 30h x 40w" Oil

'A Breeze at Dawn II' 20h x 16w" Oil

'Afternoon Sun' 24h x 60w" Oil

'A Quiet Dawn' 18h x 18w" Oil on Canvas

'A Quiet Dawn' - Without the fanfare of primaries, a new day gently slips into being..

- Simon Kenevan -

'A Rapture as of Legacies' 20h x 38w" Oil on Board

'Bejewelled' 16h x 12w" Oil

'Shimmer' 48h x 36w" Oil

'Shimmer - a wonderful day spent exploring low country tidal creeks, on a gloriously bright, clear, February morning. A day of squinting at the intense glare from wet pluff mud.. A day of wind burn from the cold onshore breezes.'

- Simon Kenevan -

'Blue Moon' 12h x 24w" Oil

'Evening Surf' 18h x 18w" Oil on Canvas

'Evening Surf' - Throughout the day, the colour temperature of the surf and foam transcends through cool blues to warmer hues...'

- Simon Kenevan -

'Heavenly I' 12h x 24w" Oil

'Romancing The Sublime' 26h x 38w" Oil on Board

'Serenity Found' 20h x 38w" Oil

'Sound of Silence' 24h x 48w" Oil

'Summer Breeze' 30h x 24w" Oil

'Summer Breeze - a madcap adventure, our mission to find sparkles before the light & tide changed. This moment was found on a piece of marsh that I spotted through the space under a private house as I drove towards the bridge that would take us to a South Carolina beach.. It's always a fun trip when I'm driving!'

- Simon Kenevan -

'The Moon is Distant From The Sea' 30h x 24w" Oil